We provide an all-round service for our steel cores.

Our experienced employees are helpful in precisely determining the product required. In the case of tightly scheduled projects, you can select alternatives that are deliverable at short notice because in many cases slightly differing but already made products fulfil the same requirements. Your advantage: PIANO type low noise cores can be supplied in common designs from the finished products stock within 24 hours.

Work is being carried out on many adjustment screws in order to speed up the manufacturing process and to enhance the punctual delivery that is valued by our customers. Additionally, you will receive binding statements concerning the completion date and can query the current status of your order any time during the manufacturing processes. With complete documentation of every product order, we guarantee you exact reproducibility of your cores for follow-up deliveries.

Our endeavor is to structure the collaborative work we undertake with our customers so that it is ascommitting and transparent as possible. In this respect, we like to refer to the fact that our company has been ISO certified since 1993. Our internal development, production and sales processes conform to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management guidelines.

Our machines for your products: the contract production

Make use of our high manufacturing quality! If you have e.g. discs or saw blades to be manufactured in series and production work to subcontract – then talk to us. We undertake the further processing of tool steels: From heat treatment (hardening and tempering) to laser cutting (contour processing) up to grinding and straightening/tensioning.

Contact us: You will receive an individual quotation.