Our products

For every requirement there is a suitable steel core:

Many factors define the selection of a core. Following products show a broad overview.

Customised designs are available upon request. You can find our catalogue items organised in eight product groups according to different requirements, including our contract manufacturing services. Our standard range offers steel cores from Ø 30 to 4982 mm, in hardened form up to Ø 3482 mm: Brazable and laser weldable steel cores for both wetand dry cutting application.

Also for multi-bladesystems our product range is commensurate with the wide range of applications we offer:

Materials and machine type conform core sets suitable for all common brands. Our multi-blade steel cores are of close tolerance with respect to thickness, outer diameter and operating tension. Their exact dimensional accuracy ensures a high stability, processing precision and service life to diamond circular saws, especially for demanding cutting applications! The development of low noise cores has a high priority for us: Currently with four product lines we provide different absorption performances for almost every application and over a wide range of diameters.

Our DETENSO series are available up to Ø 3482 mm. Our PIANO-Sandwich series can meet the highest of demands; in this case an integrated copper layer over the entire surface reduces noise development most effectively. In other product groups you can find: Cores with continuous rims, cores for horizontal cutting and wall saws.